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Primus' latest disc Antipop a welcome change from past releases

By Chris Stelmak
Daily Cougar Staff


Interscope Records
13 tracks; 63:15

Grade: A -

Primus has switched things up a little with its latest effort, moving to a more laid-back, bass-heavy style.

The bay area band has been paying the bills with its music for at least a decade now, with Antipop being the newest addition to its shelf of albums. Centering around bassist Les Claypool, Primus' funky pop bass style has really defined the band in the past. Once Claypool's bizarre vocals come into play, there are few bands that can come close to cloning Primus.

Antipop takes Primus in a different direction. It would not be surprising if this was due to the slow sales of the band's past couple of records. The change is definitely one for the better.

While the past several albums have cut back on the pop/ bass style of Claypool, this album fills almost every song with a hefty helping of that start-stop bass style we have grown to love.

The high- and low-pitched storytelling vocals that were present in the previous albums have been cut back. Instead, Claypool replaces them with vocals that are not quite smooth, but as cool as the goofy-voiced Claypool can make them.

The guitars are definitely a bit tighter than in the past. The wandering guitars have definitely become heavier.

Part of the change in the musical style could have come from the many people who helped out with Antipop. South Park creator Matt Stone and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, as well as Ex-Police drummer Stewart Copeland, helped produce songs on Antipop.

The most interesting song on the album would have to be "Eclectic Electric." The track takes on a Pink Floyd kind of style to create an epic song. The subtle noises and sounds really build up to make it quite trippy. 

Primus grabbed some help from Metallica guitarist James Hetfield and ex-Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin to create a very smooth, flowing song. This song was definitely a surprise from Primus.

Antipop is a welcome change for the group. The amusing lyrics are still there but the funky bass from the good ol' days has returned.

Primus will be hitting Houston with the Family Values tour this Friday at the Compaq Center. Tickets are $36.25 and a service charge. Doors open at 7 p.m.

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