Friday, October 29, 1999
University of Houston
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Volume 65, Issue 49

Seven attend activist meeting; group may form

KUHF membership drive successful

Greek Week to build sense of community

Campus fall festivals cater to little Cougars


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Down in front

Max Lacayo/The Daily Cougar

Students practice prior to a wheelchair basketball game on the Wheeler courts Thursday evening. The game, in shich non-handicapped students played in wheelchairs, was part of Disabiity Awareness Week at UH.


In News Today . . .

An informal group focusing on bringing students and faculty together to encourage political action got off to a small start Thursday.

In Opinion Today . . .

You know what I can't stand? Pokémon. Now, before I get a whole bunch of e-mails about this, let me tell you something: This is my opinion. I know many people are fanatical about this craze, so I don't need you writing me trying to convince me otherwise -- nor do I need you to write me telling me I'm stupid for not liking Pokémon.

In Entertainment Today . . .

A romantic comedy usually rides on the cutesy style that features the same formula we see in movies one after another: Guy or girl wants the opposite sex, runs into some kind of complication, solves it, then they ride off into the sunset with a sappy ending.

In Sports Today . . .

UH took its first step in building a top notch women's softball program with the hiring of Kyla Holas as the first head coach.


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