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Staff: Updated handbook needed 

By Sylvia A. Rocha
Daily Cougar Staff 

Staff Council members called for an updated hard copy of the University's Staff Handbook at Thursday's Council meeting, saying online updates of the manual are not enough.

The handbook was last updated in printed form in 1997.

"It is updated (on the Web) throughout the years as things happen and policies change," Robert Herrington, assistant vice president of Human Resources, told the Council.

Nevertheless, Council members said they would prefer a revised printed copy to Internet updates.

Herrington said the cost of printing the manual might present a problem and suggested a three-ring binder version of the handbook. The Council agreed that such a version would be less costly and easier to update and change.

Herrington also briefed Council members on the total automation of all systems on campus. "We are moving this institution into total automation within the next 18 months," he said. "It will improve the speed in which things are handled."

Councilman Roger Peters discussed the updated Staff Council Web site ( and the new listserv option that is available to deliver periodic news and updates to all members.

"Listserv will be of benefit to all staff members," said Peters, who is also be working on a newsletter due Dec. 12.

The Council is also preparing for its annual clothing and sock drive. The Events Committee will meet Wednesday to make preparations.

In other business, Council Vice President Donald Waterman urged all members to join and participate in committees.

"By rule of thumb, we ask that each of the members be on at least two committees," Waterman said.

Members were also encouraged to apply for some of the positions open in the 2000 Management Institute. The deadline is Friday, Nov. 12.

The Council will next meet at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 2, in Room 220, E. Cullen.

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