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Is it the end of the world as we know it?

By Isabella So

What is the world coming to? The end of the rope?

Yeah, you may be tired of reading and hearing about this subject, but face it: Many disheartening events that have happened in the year 1999 make the question relevant.

"What events?" you ask. Have you read the papers lately? Let's start with the current events, beginning with Sunday’s.

Sunday was the day Egypt Air flight 990 crashed. The plane abruptly lost half of its altitude and then regained 8,000 feet, only to plunge to its doom. The flight took the lives of 217 innocent people within two minutes.

Then, on Tuesday, seven were slain in a Hawaii workplace shoot-out. The suspect, Byran Uyesugi, was an employee at Xerox for 15 years until he finally snapped due to his unhappiness with the company.

He drove a company car to the office Tuesday morning and, with precision, shot and killed seven fellow employees. Uyesugi later got back into the car and had a standoff with SWAT officers for the next five hours before surrendering.

Getting a little depressed from what you're reading? If not, then plow on.

Need I remind you of the death of the son of beloved former President John F. Kennedy? And of the death of his graceful wife Carolyn Bisset Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bisset? As I've already said, these were unfortunate and untimely deaths.

If this is not enough, think of the very painful Columbine High shooting. The shooting woke up the nation and made us realize that living in America may not be as safe as we previously thought. If the future of the world is not safe at school, where is it safe?

It looks as though I have only focused on the negative side of things, but that is because for every single positive event, three negative ones follow. Is this true? If I believe in this, does this make me a pessimistic person?

No. I am not a pessimistic person. I do look at the facts that are printed in every newspaper, though, and realize that faced with all of these negative events, I can conclude nothing else: The world may be fast approaching its end.

Nature is also telling us something. In the United States alone, we have been through severe weather changes -- from floods to droughts -- and we haven't even seen what winter will bring.

I hate hearing myself say that the world is on its last string, because it sounds so hopeless. And without hope, how could we live day to day? We couldn't make it without hope.

Even with my conclusion about the state of the world, I still have the hope that humanity has an opportunity to turn things around. We hold everything -- our past, present and future -- in the palms of our hands.

Teach kids about the dangers of things, be it sex or guns. Don't shelter them from this sort of education, because topics like sex are a part of everyday life. We all know that unprotected sex can kill you.

We, as students, are the future. We must learn from the past in order to avoid making mistakes in the future. We are all human and equal. I have hope in myself and hope in my peers. I'm not a pessimist, after all.

So, a business and marketing major,
can be reached at isabellaringing@hotmail.com.

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