Friday, November 5, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 54

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Rah, rah

OK, so how many of you have been to the Cougar football games? Be honest.

Not enough to keep Athletics from sending mass free ticket voucher mailings to anyone vaguely connected with UH. Anyone receiving these vouchers is entitled to four free tickets to Saturday's final home game against the Tulane Green Wave.

But that's not all. Tickets have been spotted in stacks around campus, waiting for someonem -- anyone -- to take them.

After a rousing home debut at O'Quinn Field at Robertson Stadium against Rice (a game that saw more than 30,000 Cougar fans pack the stands and cheer UH to a 28-3 win), home attendance has consistently dwindled.

Some may attribute it to Houston's mediocre season. Others may blame it on the tried-and-true apathy excuse. Others simply have better things to do than to watch a college football game on a Saturday afternoon. All are sound reasons, and yet ... they're not good enough.

While it is not The Daily Cougar's job to support Athletics, we do see a disheartening trend. Tickets shouldn't be forced down people's throats. Students should actually want to go.

Yes, the Cougars have had a subpar season, but it's better than last year's 3-8 disaster. The defense is ranked No. 10 in the nation. Even at 4-4, there is still a legitimate chance at winning the conference and sneaking into a bowl game. As the final home game of the season -- and the final home game for the seniors on the team -- draws near, things are still at stake.

No editorial (however cleverly written) will make those students drowning in apathy attend a football game. You either care or you don't. However, there is a real sense of community at these games. And this is your last chance to experience it this year.

To those who have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon ... like what? Watching other college football games on TV? Does it really matter to a UH student whether or not Florida State beats an opponent by 30 as opposed to 50 points?

No, this isn't Austin or College Station, but then again, it never will be. The Cougars are our team. This is the final home game of the season. Oh, and most importantly, students get in free.


The football preview box accompanying Thursday's Sports article "Coogs play final home game" incorrectly stated Saturday's football game vs. Tulane can be seen locally on Channel 55.

In fact, the Cougars' home football games are not televised.


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