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Orange Show tour will highlight local folk art

By Christine McCreary
Daily Cougar Staff 

Get set for the ride of your life as The Orange Show Foundation's Eyeopeners Program brings its season to a close with the Classic Folk Art Environments Tour Sunday afternoon.

The guided tour will feature such local creations as The Orange Show monument, the Beer Can House, the Flower Man's House and a handful of other lesser-known sites.

The Orange Show itself may be the best-known of Houston's folk art environments. It is postman Jeff McKissack's 25-year homage to the healing powers of the orange and consists of manufactured and found items pieced together to create a unique multilevel structure.

But the other locations on the tour are famous in their own right. The Flower Man's House, located off Elgin near campus, is the work of Cleveland Turner. Suffering from alcohol poisoning, Turner vowed if God would help him stay sober, he would create a "house of flowers" as thanks.

For more than 10 years, Turner has been embellishing his home with odds and ends from his childhood and from his travels around the city.

The Beer Can House, off Memorial near Westcott, is an ordinary home made extraordinary by two decades' worth of flattened beer cans, beer-can ends and bottle caps.

John Milkovisch began the work with strands of pull-tops from cans and continued it by covering the sides of his house with the flattened cans. Milkovisch died in 1988, but since then, his wife Mary and her sons have cared for the house.

The Orange Show Foundation works to preserve sites like these and assist Houston's folk artists and folk-art environments. It sponsors the Eyeopeners tours as well as symposiums on folk art, and is a major sponsor of the annual Art Car Parade.

The cost of the climate-controlled bus tour, complete with snacks, is $40 for the general public and $30 for Foundation members. It lasts from noon until 5 p.m. Sunday.

For tour reservations or information on becoming a Foundation member, call Kirsten Brueggerhoff at (713) 926-6368.

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