Wednesday, November 10, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 57

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The Student's Association has proposed a bill which would, at the very least, extend M.D. Anderson Library hours. Legislation calling for the first floor of the library to be open 24 hours a day is headed by Law Center SA Sen. Fini Thomas.

While such a measure would certainly make it easier for students to research badly needed materials, the likelihood of increased student fees must also be taken into consideration.

Rice University and the University of Texas have their libraries open all day, and seem to have plenty of grateful students.

This would be the case here, especially for working students who must attend night classes. Their only option is to study or obtain their research materials late at night -- or until the library closes.

However, in light of sexual assault in Settegast Hall during the summer, certain measures would have to take place.

The area would have to be secure. UHPD call boxes are located across campus. Students do have the ability to call for assistance -- when they feel they are in danger. But what if they want to avoid it? One cannot feel completely safe walking across this campus late at night. There are simply too many dark corners without enough light.

UHPD has increased its patrols since the attack, but it can't be everywhere at once.

If hours are extended, the library must be able to guarantee students' safety. Simply giving them the option of calling for assistance from the information desk is not enough.

The library shouldn't be the only option for those students who merely need to study in a quiet environment. Alternatives could include keeping student lounges in the dorms open to all students, possibly only allowing students with Cougar1 Cards to enter. Buildings which house many night classes could also keep doors open for extended hours.

Having options other than having to walk to the library late at night would ease security concerns.

Students would benefit from the library's increased hours, but before SA calls for it to be open 24 hours a day, it should make sure it explores all other options -- as well as make certain its vote places student safety as a high priority.


The article "Gun control proposal draws fire for Bush" in Monday's Daily Cougar Online incorrectly reported that Kristina Woods helped form Texans Against Gun Violence in June. In fact, Texans Against Gun Violence and its associated education fund were founded in 1995 by Dave Smith, while Woods was responsible for founding Young Texans Against Gun Violence in June of this year. 

In Tuesday's Daily Cougar Online, the Women's Basketball cutline that accompanied the Sports article "Coogs and Jags scratch claws in first preseason game for women's team" incorrectly identified No. 33 on the UH women's basketball team as Jennifer Curl. In fact, No. 33 is Angela Curl.


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