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Rahzel brings unmatched hip-hop skills to Houston for what is sure to be a breathtaking concert

By M. Kahlil Taylor
Daily Cougar Staff

Remember "Old School?" Remember beating on elementary school lunch tables and bathroom walls while your friends spit beats in the palms of their hands?

Rahzel (a.k.a. the Godfather of Noize) of the Philadelphia based hip-hop group The Roots will be performing at Houston's downtown Club Waxx on Thursday night. If this 1601 Leeland at Crawford club packs similar to The Roots' concert, it's gonna be overflowing with people of all cultures and age groups.

Rahzel is uncanny and unrivaled in today's music industry. He has transformed what was originally considered "beat boxing" into a fully orchestrated art form. His instrumentation covers an entire spectrum of sounds. He plays multiple instruments simultaneously with only his mouth and hand.

The underground tapes of Rahzel's performances have indeed made him legendary in the hip-hop community. He has performed all the parts of Method Man's "Bring the Pain" during a Roots' freestyle session, and even vocalized the Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun" during the recent Beastie Boys tour.

He possesses a myriad of talents. He drops classic beats like Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh, and he can also vocalize instruments from the likes of Bobby McFerrin and produce sound effects like Michael Winslow of the Police Academy flicks. Combined with his rhyme capabilities, he is simply untouchable.

This year's release of his solo album Make The Music 2000 proved to be an unparalleled release by MCA Records. Rahzel drops both the beats and the rhymes from his vocal box with guest appearances by Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest), Black Thought (Roots), Slick Rick and DJ Scribble.

Rahzel grasps ear drums from the start with his Pete Rock and Marley Marl video hits "All I Know" and "Make The Music 2000," and with an elaborate performance of LL Cool J's "I'm Bad" intro (including LL's vocals).

Many have heard his beat for Erykah Badu on the single "Southern Girl," but few have heard "Steal My Soul" with Me'shell Ndegeochello and acclaimed sax player Brandford Marsalis. Reminiscent of Louis Armstrong, he amazingly plays "vocal sax (no instrument)," speaking in the notes of a sax while skating back and forth with Marsalis on his sax.

Unfathomable and inventive, MTM2000 showcases his skills as a professional musician and emcee.

The show will open with an act from Houston's Mathematech DJ's, which includes DJ Cee Plus, who was the opening act for the DJ Shadow/Quannum concert a few weeks ago. Tickets are on sale at the door: $10 (21 and up), $15 (20 and below).

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