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SA speaks out on the Ed-stravaganza; The Rock styles, profiles and 'Whoo!'

The Wrestling Report

By Ed De La Garza

With only three weeks to go until the Ultimate PPV -- Ed-stravaganza II, it's time to get on with the angles. We'll start off with a letter from a good friend of mine.

Letter of the Week

I think you should have at least one tag team match. How about the Acolytes vs. Harlem Heat? I am a little biased because Stevie Ray is a friend of mine. If you ever want any opinions for a column on the best of the '90s make sure to get both Justin Ray (Speaker of the Senate, Student's Association) and my opinions. We have had some heated debates on our opinions on tag teams in particular. I don't know if you watch ECW, but it has some pretty intense moments.

Tom Cassidy,
President, SA

Wow. You see, even student leaders love watching men in ti -- OK, so maybe there isn't a right way to make that phrase work.

Harlem Heat (WCW) vs. the Acolytes (WWF)

The Acolytes continue their bar-hopping adventures. While on a trip to Houston, they decide to stop by the cozy Blue Angel. Inside they find brothers Booker T and Stevie Ray. Former WCW World Champion (then known by Ron Simmons) Faarooq asks Booker T if he knows who he is. Booker T responds by saying "Yeah, an ugly old man with a bad wig." Bradshaw begins laughing before remembering the script.

Mayhem erupts. And we have a match.

Bret Hart (WCW) vs. the Bulldog (WWF)

During a family party, the Hitman and brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith engage in a meaningful dialogue about the loss of Owen Hart. The Hitman can't believe the WWF has been so heartless (no pun intended). The Bulldog agrees. The Hitman then asks Smith why he agreed to go back to Titan. Smith responds by saying he was promised a phenomenal yet unexplainable push. Hart responds by saying he sold out. Bulldog says he may have, but at least he's not crying over something that happened two years ago.

Mayhem erupts. Stu Hart puts both wrestlers in headlocks. And we have a match.

Ric "Whoo!" Flair (WCW) vs. Rocky Maivia (WWF)

While shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, the Rock spots the Nature Boy "walkin' that aisle." The Great One walks over to Flair and commends him on his wardrobe. Flair returns the compliment. The Rock asks the Nature Boy who he has writing his lines. Flair responds by saying he doesn't have script writers (Whoo!). Flair asks the same of the Rock. The Rock responds by saying that the Great One doesn't need script writers. After making their purchases, the two style and profile and head out for a night on the town.

Mayhem erupts after the Great One insists he has the oddest looking nipples. And we have another match.

The Outsiders (WCW) vs. D-Generation X (WWF)

After a night of plotting their latest WCW sabotage, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall sneak into their secret offices inside Titan Tower. They run across Hunter Hearst Helmsley and X-Pac. They inform them of their latest plan to kill WCW from within. The four will put on a match at the Ed-Stravaganza. Meanwhile, rumors will circulate of HHH and X-Pac's desire to leave the WWF. Viewers will expect a surprise ending. When Hall and Nash put on a bad show, WCW will be blamed.

Mayhem erupts -- at the bars later that night. And we have another match. The final four angles are just one week away. Keep those comments coming.

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