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PGA Championship Golf lets you plot your course but lacks punch

PGA Championship Golf

For the PC
Sierra Sports
ESRB Rating: For Everyone

Grade: B-

By Brandon H. Franks
Daily Cougar Staff

Why wait until Saturday afternoon to watch golf on television when you can play at home?

Sierra Sports PGA Championship Golf lets you not only become a great golfer, but also lets you create players and your own courses.

As the Course Architect, you can create the weeds, slopes, trees and water on your own course, and you can even smooth and flatten different areas.

You can create a player from the plaid pants he wears to his hat.

There are four styles of play: Medal, where you can use one or more players; Match, which is two-player only; Four Ball Medal, where two-player teams are used; and Four Ball Match, which is a match of two-player teams and has four players only.

The actual playing style you can choose differs. One is the True Swing, which gives you the true feeling of swinging the club by use of the mouse.

The other style is the Tri-Click, which has been the normal function for golf games for the PC.

Two of the best features for PGA Championship Golf are the Camera Editor and the Direct Play.

With the Camera Editor you don't get stuck with a camera angle you don't like. You can actually edit where the camera is placed and where it goes.

The Direct Play Mode gives you the chance to play with opponents on a LAN or modem. You can also play on the Internet as well.

Graphically, this is as close to a golf course as you're going to get without leaving home. The images are so detailed that you'll want to count the leaves on the trees.

The sound is not as great as it should be, but you can hear the ball connect with the club, and you can hear the birds and the crowd.

Even with the grid set up on the green it's still really hard to see the hole. There are helpful tidbits to make your golfing experience a pleasant one, but not enough.

If there was a way to measure the distance of where the ball should go while you're on the playing screen, it would have helped out greatly.

There are many things to learn in PGA Championship Golf that make the game much harder than it seems at first. With time, however, the game becomes halfway decent.

There is a Shot Setup system that does help you make those shots a little easier, but you'll still have problems with knowing how far the ball might travel.

One good thing is that you can enter the name of your favorite player and assume his talents.

Overall, PGA Championship Golf is very trying sometimes, but at least it's halfway decent.

It doesn't stand up to some of the others out on the market, but it does stand on its own with features such as the True Swing approach.

Pros: The Course Architect is a really cool item. The True Swing gives the game a lot of realism.

Cons: Very hard to make a shot. There has to be an easier way to line up your shots.

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