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SA senators express concern regarding safety on campus

By Jim Parsons
Daily Cougar Staff

Campus safety was the prime concern of the Students' Association Senate at its meeting Wednesday as senators discussed last week's campus shooting and lighting conditions on campus.

Sophomore photography major Kim Webb addressed senators regarding parking lots on the north side of campus being "very, very dark at night.

"Walking to my car by myself at 3 a.m. is sometimes nerve-racking," Webb said, urging the Senate to investigate campus lighting.

College of Humanities, Fine Arts and Communication Sen. Melissa E. McCalla said she recently met with UH Police Department Lt. Malcolm Davis regarding a lighting committee, which will investigate such concerns.

Honors College Sen. Bill Kelly also brought up campus safety, but his concern centered on the Nov. 2 shooting at Cullen and Wheeler, near the Quadrangle residence halls. "It's not at all pleasant to know that a shooting went on one building down from mine," Kelly said.

SA President Tom Cassidy urged senators to participate in his presidential task force on campus safety.

"When your safety concerns are getting in the way of your academics, that's a problem," Cassidy said. "This is something that we're going to have to do something about."

In other business, At-Large Sen. Jon Sonnier introduced a bill calling for the name of the mechanical engineering degree to be changed to "mechanical engineering technology," which he said is the standard in the industry and among other universities.

Sonnier said mechanical engineering majors feel they are "not given a fair chance in the career field" because of the existing name. The legislation will be considered in committee.

The SA's next meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 17 in the Moody Towers Commons in an effort to increase student participation. All students are welcome to attend.

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