Thursday, November 11, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 58

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What's up with 'the Wiz'?

In Wednesday's Houston Chronicle, UH sports beat writer Jerry Wizig quoted Cougar free safety Kenny Hill admitting that he was a "dirty player" and that he tries to get opposing players "kicked out of games."

In the final minute of Houston's 36-31 win over Tulane on Saturday, Hill managed to "get" Green Wave receiver Adrian Burnette ejected from the game after Burnette hit Hill on the helmet, prompting the Cougar senior to perform an Oscar-worthy flop to the grass.

"I've tried to get somebody kicked out of the game all year, and that was the first time it's worked," Wizig quoted Hill as saying. "I might be one of the dirtiest players out there."

Obviously disturbed by Hill's comments, UH head football coach Kim Helton released a statement Wednesday, apologizing for Hill's comments.

"In no way do these comments reflect the disposition and intent of any members of the Houston Cougar football family," Helton said. "I personally will deal with Kenny under team-set guidelines."

Yes, Hill did indeed make these remarks. In fact, it was a Daily Cougar reporter who asked him about the Burnette altercation.

However, according to The Daily Cougar's sports writer, it was obvious that Hill was speaking in a somewhat sarcastic tone. He may or may not have been being honest, but a smirk on his face implied that he wasn't describing the true character of his game.

"I was embarrassed by Kenny's comments," Helton said. Well, in a way, he should be, but the football coach should also take a few things into consideration.

Helton may be unaware that the Chronicle's Wizig didn't even join in the Hill conversation until the football player was halfway into the story. What Wizig's intentions were for printing Hill's comments is still unknown.

It's an unfortunate situation for Hill, who played one of the biggest games of his collegiate career against Tulane, and Helton, who feels forced to take disciplinary actions on the senior.

As for Wizig, his journalistic intentions concerning this matter are ambiguous. Of course, the UH athletic department always thought that only The Daily Cougar published dirt.

Think again.


Wednesday's News article "Searches under way for four deans" incorrectly reported that Allen Warner, Richard Rozelle and Stephen Zamora are serving as interim deans of the colleges of Education, Social Sciences and the Law Center, respectively. In fact, the three are not interim deans, but are serving until new deans are located for their colleges. 


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