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Incubus merges different styles to create another listenable album

Make Yourself

13 tracks
48 min. 11 sec.
Epic/Immortal Records

Grade: B

By Chris Stelmak
Daily Cougar Staff

After pulling in many new fans over the past couple of years, Incubus makes its own path with Make Yourself.

Incubus is a sort of casserole of styles. While consisting mostly of metal, there is a good portion of funk in the music. A hefty helping of scratchin' finally comes in to make up that crunchy topping.

Though the group started off slow, Incubus had its break last year. The band has toured with big-name bands and has held spots on both the Family Values and Ozzfest tours.

While falling into the aggressive rock category with Korn and Limp Bizkit, Incubus tends to keep its scratching and background noise more prominent. It keeps the band's music a little fresher instead of making it a rehash of the guitar, bass and drum.

Incubus, however, has changed things up with Make Yourself. The ups and downs of the band's funky style have been smoothed out on many songs, making a more melodious sound. While it's good that the band is trying to do something different, the music loses some of its bite.

Incubus is still sure to throw in a good bit of metal, but the jagged vocals are softened up and end up being a little too smooth.

The album ends up having several above-average songs without any that really grab your attention. The silky smooth guitar intro of "Nowhere Fast" really makes the track before the band breaks into its grind.

"The Warmth" has a simple melody which turns out to really pull the song through, while the crunchy guitars and vocal effects of "Make Yourself" make it one of the better tunes on the album. And how can you go wrong with the power behind "Out From Under," which finishes off the album?

It's a fairly good album overall, but it is kind of a disappointment after Incubus's previous album, Science, which was so strong. Make Yourself has many better- than-average songs, but probably will not be attracting many new fans as it doesn't have a strong single.

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