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Members of the Omega Dealt Phi fraternity remove their letters from display at the University Center on Monday. UH Greek groups will attempt to recruit new members dufing fraternity and sorority rush in the next few weeks.

In News Today . . .

The UH chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity will be barred from participating in most Interfraternity Council events this academic year, an IFC Judicial Committee panel decided Friday.

In Opinion Today . . .

Our university is smack in the middle of the ghetto. More observant students have already noticed this. 

I contend that it's our ghetto, too. UH is a fine place to attend school. Most people will not say it is a fine place to live. As an on-campus resident, I disagree. The surrounding community needs to be revitalized. Poverty-stricken people are not bad people. However, not all of them are good people. 

In Entertainment Today . . .

Meshell Ndegeocello has made a career of creating divine musical compositions. Her sound warms souls and entraps bodies in the eternal rhythms of love and loss. 

In Sports Today . . .

The Houston Rockets pulled off a huge trade last week, bringing in Steve Francis, the key to rebuilding the team. 


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