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UHPD warns of essay-contest scam

Cougar News Staff

UH Police are cautioning students to be wary of a flyer distributed on campus advertising the "St. Mickey's Day Payout."

The flyer, which was left in the Campus Activities office, apparently promoted an essay contest. It encouraged students to send a $2 entry fee, along with a one-page essay on "why my class sucks," to a post-office box in Spring. The winner of the essay contest would win a "cash scholarship" of an unspecified amount.

The flyer came to the attention of police when it was forwarded by Campus Activities staff, UHPD Lt. Roger Byars said.

Staff members were wary of the offer because the flyer solicited cash and was not approved for posting. Campus Activities confirmed Wednesday that St. Mickey's Day Payoff is not a registered student organization.

In addition, Byars said the flyer's wording was vague and included inappropriate language.

"This doesn't sound kosher," Byars said. "When they start asking for money without going through the proper channels, my antennas go up."

The address listed for the contest, 18351 Kuykendahl, is a Mail Boxes Etc. location in Spring that rents private post boxes. Tammy Morris, assistant manager of the store, said the mailbox specified on the flyer is not currently assigned to anyone.

"If something comes to that box here, it will be returned to sender," Morris said. She said the last tenant of the box was a company that, to her knowledge, would not have anything to do with an essay contest.

Morris said she did not know why anyone would select her store as the target address for such a flyer.

Byars said the UHPD is continuing to investigate the flyer. Anyone with information should call (713) 743-0600.

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