Thursday, December 2, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 71

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The Cougars need a big name, not a bubba, as the new coach

By Jonathan O’Neal

To my surprise and approval, Kim Helton’s inconsistency finally resulted in his much-deserved boot. I thought his 7-4 season against sub-par competition would keep him around for yet another year.

UH really did not play or beat a decent team and still wound up in the middle of the Conference USA pack. Finally, someone noticed that being a nice guy does not make up for a pathetic record of 24-53-1 in seven years.

Athletic Director Chet Gladchuk is now forced to select a new coach in an effort to bring in wins, revenue, school spirit and most importantly some respect for a football team that many outside of the South have never heard of. I am deeply saddened by the way this search is taking shape.

The Cougar and other local news media have discussed two different lists of potential candidates for the job. It is obvious that UH refuses to bring in a big-name coach such as Terry Bowden because it will not cough up the money.

College football is a business. Helton’s defensive and offensive coordinators also need to pack their bags. We need a coach that has no ties to Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana. The good ol’ boy system has not been working.

Bring in someone who is a proven winner in college or the NFL, as a coach or a coordinator. Coaches from Clemson, Oklahoma and Louisiana Tech, or Dave Klinger, are not suitable replacements.

O’Neal, a senior political science major,
can be reached at joneal@bayou.uh.edu.

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