Thursday, December 2, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 71

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The point is ...

So there is a group of UH alumni who want to shut down The Daily Cougar, a newspaper that is printed for the students, by the students.

There are a number of angry UH graduates who feel that eliminating The Daily Cougar will prove that this publication has no business on campus.

This handful of diehard fans is determined to do away with The Daily Cougar because they feel the students' voice is so minuscule that it does not even deserve the right to report a story that is negative toward the University (whether or not it is fact). These people don't feel that students have the right to state an opinion.

Yes, The Daily Cougar has many responsibilities, but its sole purpose is to provide a reliable news source to the students of this university.

This newspaper allows students to be informed of the events that occur on campus, to be notified of what goes on with the various student organizations and to be entertained.

A staff editorial printed last week prompted a group of UH alumni to make an effort to shut down the Cougar. The column suggested to any potential replacements for recently-dismissed UH head football coach Kim Helton that this university had a lousy football program, minimal student support and fair-weather fans.

The editorial was obviously satiric and meant for UH students' entertainment. How many times do we have to remind those that bleed Cougar red that The Daily Cougar does not have an agenda to demean the Athletics Department?

This is the last time we are addressing this. The issue is moot.

We are UH students. At times we are just as enthusiastic about our teams as anyone else. At times we implore students to support the Cougars. At times we may be a little too enthusiastic. But that is what this space is for.

The staff editorial is a forum for opinion. Pure and simple. Nothing more, nothing less.


Tuesday's Page 1 article "Blaffer drive remembers AIDS victims" failed to list the offices of the Houston Voice, 500 Lovett, as a dropoff point for donations in the drive to benefit AIDS clients at the Bering Care Center and Omega House. For more information, call the Blaffer Gallery's Davis Northcutt at (713) 743-9523.


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