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Isabella So

Two guys at a party: Guy One sees a cute girl and, speaking with nearby Guy Two, inquires after her. Who is she? What does she like?

Fortunately Guy Two is "friends" with Cute Girl, or at least he "knows" her.

He begins to describe Cute Girl: "She's funny, got a great personality and popular." He then breaks off the rest of the sentence, "But she's also ... "

"Also what?" asks Guy One.

"She's a bit of a slut -- she has a different guy on her arm almost every other day -- she gets around."

OK. Now same scenario but it's two girls at a party and they see a cute guy.

And Girl Two starts describing Cute Guy:

"He's funny, romantic and has a great personality. You'd be lucky if you got a date with him. He's got a different girl at his arm every other day. He's such a stud."

So what's different between the two scenarios? It's the way the two guys described the girl as a slut, just because she has a carefree heart and dates whomever she wants.

But if the shoe is on the other foot, a guy that is also carefree and dates whomever he wants is seen as a stud or a "manly man."

These two people are also described the same way even if the person talking about them are of the same sex.

Come on girls, admit it. If you knew a girl who dated many guys you would deem her "loose" or a slut. I'll admit it, I have.

And a guy who is seen dating lots of girls is seen as "the man." A man's status is judged by the number of women he has dated.

What I'm getting at is the terminology that we use to describe a male and a female, where a woman stands in this time and age.

Here's another example: A woman is driven, level-headed and ambitious. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it, through hard work and perseverance. But she is described as a cold and heartless bitch.

In the same situation, a man 

is described as driven, level-headed and ambitious. People say, "That man is going to go far in life."

Let me just clarify, first, that I am not a feminist at all. There are things that they fight for and I agree about, but there are other issues that we don't agree on.

But back to the subject on hand. With all of these negative words about women, does this mean we have not proved ourselves in the "man's world?"

Why is it that every time women take a step forward, we really take two steps back? 

During World War II, men left home to fight the war. Women took over the household and workplace -- a step forward, showing that we can handle responsibilities.

Then the war ended, the men came home and things went back to the way they were before the war. Women went back to the kitchen and men took over the business. Two steps back.

The only good thing that came out of this was that it did wake up some of the women. Some realized their potential.

So now that we are entering a new millennium, have things changed?

The way we describe each gender, it doesn't seem like it has, but when we look at the statistics we see that there are more women working and in college than ever before.

We still have a lot to prove to the "man's world."

Band together and we will achieve success.

So, a sophomore business and marketing major, 
can be reached atisabellaringing@hotmail.com.

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