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Volume 65, Issue 77

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The Game Boy

Brandon H. Franks

What's up kiddos, GB here hoping you had a good break. Spring is here and we're ready to give you the full scoop on everything gamey!

New for this semester: We are going to try and incorporate not only the gaming news and release dates, but also reviews for every system including N64.

So if you're ready, put your back into it and let's do it.

News for you!

This year looks to be a big one for one main reason: PlayStation 2. Sony has assured me that it will not only have a backward chip allowing you to play all the original PlayStation discs, but that it will play DVD movies. The only drawback is that it will not be Internet compatible when it is released in the fall.

Now Microsoft is going console crazy. That's right, you knew Bill Gates couldn't resist getting us hooked on something else. We don't yet know the exact date the X-Box will be released, but I expect that it will be revealed at the E3 expo in May.

Reviews for you!

First up is Fighting Force 2 from Eidos Interactive for the PlayStation. With special moves and all sorts of weapons, you may think you're unstoppable. Think again.

Fighting Force 2 is a difficult but intriguing game. The harder it is and the farther you go the more you want to play it.

Good graphics, cool sound and a good challenge make the game well worth your time. The only con the game has is that it's really hard at times to use the weapon selector and to find certain items in the game. B -

Next is Soul Fighter from Red Orb Entertainment for the Dreamcast. It is a fighting/adventure type game.

There really isn't much of a point to the game except for killing bizarre mutant creatures, but it is pretty fun. The graphics are well done and the game play is steady. The con is that no matter how good you get at Soul Fighter, it seems that your moves will always be a little off when fighting the meanies. B -

The last game for this issue is Ubi Soft's Evolution: The World of the Sacred Device. This is the first RPG for the Sega Dreamcast. Even though it's only one disc and there are only about 17 hours of game play, there is still plenty of stuff to do in the game.

If you go into a dungeon more than once, the map changes and nothing is in the same place. The game plays like a computer-animated movie and the cut scenes were designed really well.

Evolution is simply a great game that should go over well with Dreamcast fans. Be careful though, the bosses in the game are incredibly hard. A -


Here are the releases for the next week.

For PlayStation on the 19th, NBA in the Zone 2000, K1 Grand Prix and Tomba 2.

Jan. 26 will give you Renegade Racers and Road Rash Jail Break.

For Dreamcast, Zombie Revenge will be released on Jan. 19.

The PC releases are X: Beyond the Frontier and Stephen King's F-13 on Jan. 20.

The 22nd has Swamp Buggy Racing.

The 23rd has 1602 AD. On Jan. 26, Final Fantasy VIII and Earthworm Jim 3D hit stores.

Jan. 27 will see the release of Renegade Racers.

Nintendo releases Harrier 2001 on the 19th and Mario Party 2 on the 25th.

That's all for now. Check me out next time and I'll have more for all you PC buffs. Later.

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