Friday, January 21, 2000
University of Houston
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Volume 65, Issue 78

'Dummy course' suit filed

TKE to investigate hazing allegations

Police chief controversy featured in Press article

Higher education council begins preparing for legislative session



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Maximum Peel-Out

Superhero Adventures

Film Review: Angela's Ashes

Our Lady Peace displays brilliant musicianship during live Houston set

15 Questions

Melancon on health insurance

Elrod on A&M tragedy

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Editorial Cartoon

UH Track and Field

UH Men's Basketball

Votes needed for sports awards

UH Women's Basketball

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"Stress relief"

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Sarah Barrett, a sophomore psychology major, relaxes in the nice, cool sun that shone on the Cullen Fountain Thursday. As the first week of the Spring semester draws to a close, students are being treated to cooler weather on Thursday, a welcome change to what has been a rather warm January.


In News Today . . .

A group of former UH graduate students has filed a class-action lawsuit against the University seeking reimbursement of money they spent on so-called "dummy courses."

In Opinion Today . . .

Last semester I went to the doctor once. That means I paid for 12 hours of tuition and a semester of room and board in order to save all the money it costs to visit the doctor once. Not the greatest deal, but that's why it's insurance. It practically ensures that Jane and Joe Blow will pay more than they would spend.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Angela's Ashes, in one word, is triumphant. Based on Frank McCourt's 1997 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by the same name, Angela's Ashes soars high above all expectations and is a wonderful accomplishment for filmmaker Alan Parker -- no stranger to the silver screen.

In Sports Today . . .

Cougar track head coach Leroy Burrell will unleash his powerful squads again this weekend when UH will hold the Houston Indoor Opener Saturday at the Yeoman Fieldhouse.


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