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Editor-in-Chief De La Garza lays the smack down on 15 Questions 

15 Questions

By Jesse Lauritz

15 Questions invaded the newsroom this week as Features Editor Jesse Lauritz picked the brain of Ed De La Garza, editor in chief of The Daily Cougar.

This is De La Garza's third semester as big cheese. He began as a cartoonist and columnist, then started a weekly wrestling column. Soon after, he became assistant managing editor and eventually rose to the ranks of head honcho.

Photo by Pete Medrano

Ed De La Garza dummies out today's newspaper in his office while answering questions about the newspaper from students, faculty and staff.

The Daily Cougar: What made you want to work for The Daily Cougar?

De La Garza: "There was this comic strip that ran about three years ago called 'Dexter's World,' which really sucked. It got me so mad that the paper would run something that bad that I finally applied. The strip I submitted wasn't that much better, but then-editor Liz Carter gave me a chance anyway."

Why did you apply for editor in chief?

"Because no one else did. Actually, it came time to submit applications, and then the Managing Editor was moving on to the Houstonian. After a semester of being an assistant managing editor, I thought I was qualified and ready for the job."

How stressful is your job?

"It is only as stressful as you let it be. There are days that you just want to strangle someone that isn't doing their job, but when you keep it in perspective, you should be able to make it through without suffering a brain hemorrhage."

Would you date anyone you worked with?

"Uhh ... This interview is over. Jesse, you're fired. Next question."

Everyone knows that you are an avid wrestling fan. If you had to compare yourself to any one wrestler, who would it be?

"Tommy Dreamer. No, I'm kidding. I know Dreamer is Student Associations President Tom Cassidy's uncle, but it would probably be the Rock."

If you could meet one person, past or present, who would it be and why?

"Stanley Kubrick, because he wasn't afraid to make controversial statements in film -- plus, I wanted to be a filmmaker at one time."

What is your take on the (Police Chief George) Hess ordeal?

"It's a black eye on the University when all the recent reports involving UH tend to be negative. It is a simple case of administration standing in the way of an officer doing his job. Hess should have been rewarded instead of being 'fired' or 're-evaluated.'"

What is the job of The Daily Cougar at this university?

"To inform students, staff, faculty and alumni as accurately as possible the truth, and to provide an open forum for opinion, no matter who disagrees with it, and no matter who attempts to stop it."

Do you know the names of all five Backstreet Boys?

"Jake, Brandon, Jesse, Justin and Justin. Am I right?



Are you pulling for the Titans this weekend?

" What I'm hoping will happen is that Tennessee will build a 35-point lead going into the beginning of the third quarter, and then St. Louis will all of a sudden come up winning it all in overtime. If that happens, then Tennessee will really love the Titans."

What comes to mind when you draw "In House?"

Funny things happen in the newsroom every day. I think it is a way for everybody to know our staff a little bit better. Yes, they are characterizations, but they are based on real people."

Do you want to be a professional journalist?

"I would like to eventually be a columnist, but I realize that I would have to start somewhere. I would be willing to work on dog shows as long as I get a wrestling column for a big newspaper."

Superman or Batman?


What do you think about The Daily Cougar staff?

I'm quite proud of the staff. They are involved in working hard to make sure we have stories every day. I see a lot of improvement from last semester, and people that are looking to advance beyond staff writer and beyond The Daily Cougar."

Anything else?

" I would like to issue an open challenge to the Students' Association to a barbecue cookoff at this year's Frontier Fiesta. I'm predicting The Daily Cougar is going to lay the smack down on SA." 

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