Monday, January 31, 2000
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State officials promote TEXAS grant program

Nude or naked? Historian, professor join in art debate

UH car thefts are up, but students aren't to blame



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Where's the Game?

Pete Medrano/ The Daily Cougar

Junior psychology major Darryl Cleveland and freshman civil engineering major Adam Perdue stock up on Superbowl snacks while waiting for the big screen TV to arrive at the Superbowl XXXIV party held Sunday in Oberholtzer Hall.


In News Today . . .

Lt. Gov. Rick Perry and two state legislators said higher education can be made affordable through a new grant program, but students need to apply.

In Opinion Today . . .

Readers have been complaining that this column is not reminiscent of the Jonathan of last semester. Some have even insinuated that this writer is getting soft. Don't worry, there are a few surprises on the horizon. Bombs work best when they are least expected.

In Entertainment Today . . .

You may be asking yourself why this column is called "Disco Volante." Well, it's a tribute to the band Mr. Bungle, for creating one of the greatest experimental collages of techno, tango, death metal and jazz music of all time and is also the title of a Mr. Bungle album.

In Sports Today . . .

The UH men's basketball games Saturday continued their troubling trend in which the team falls behind early and makes a late comeback, only to lose at the end..


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