Wednesday, February 2, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 86

Smith calls for investigation of Hess issue

SA candidate filing continues

College orientations place an emphasis on service

Drinking hits 34-year low among college freshmen


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Maximum Peel-Out

Superhero Adventures

Rockers Angry Salad look for success

The Wrestling Report

Moores Music Notes

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Miller on residential life

Cardenas on questions

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After winning first title in 39 years, UH looks for more in 2000

Dynasty may be in the works

C-USA rivals look to steal Cougars' thunder

Bitter takes pride in dirty work

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Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

UH President Arthur K. Smith introduces the University's new "image campaign" to a crowd of faculty, alumni and UH supporters at a Tuesday evening reception in the Athletic/Alumni Center. The campaign begins this week with print and television ads.


In News Today . . .

UH President Arthur K. Smith on Tuesday announced that the Office of the State Auditor will be invited to launch an investigation into matters concerning former Cougar football player Mike DeRouselle and University Police Chief George Hess.

In Opinion Today . . .

Residence halls and Greek domains are the traditional cornerstones of the University's social foundation. Interaction is the password. Communal living is an adventure. MTV's Real World does not hold a candle to the real deal. 

In Entertainment Today . . .

The band Angry Salad started as a college band out of Rhode Island. In 1995 the group moved to Boston, Mass. where it self-released its first EP The Guinea Pig EP

In Sports Today . . .

"We're experienced, confident, talented and deep." Those are just some of the sentiments echoed by UH head coach Rayner Noble and his players.


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