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Chaos, Crusaders and Zombies, oh my

The Game Boy

By Brandon Franks

Hey y'all, GB here with reviews and releases, but lets first start with some news.

This past week, 3dfx Interactive downsized in hopes of returning more profits to the company. In addition, the executive vice president/chairman of 3dfx's board of directors has announced his retirement.

Sony has decided to merge Sony Computer Entertainment of America and 989 Studios. One of the reasons behind the merger is that the companies want to focus their combined resources on the upcoming PlayStation 2.

Who makes the grade?

First up in the review section is Urban Chaos from Eidos Interactive for the PC. This one has a mature rating and, in just the first five minutes of the game, you can see why.

Don't think you're gonna find a Laura Croft clone here. Even though the main character is a girl, she and the entire game are free-flowing. The graphics are very good and the story is smoothly done, though it's hard sometimes to run around ledges and be stealthy. Overall the game is one that will suck you in and keep you playing. B+

Next up on the list is Crusaders of Might and Magic for PC from 3DO. It's nice to play a Might and Magic game that lets you actually fight. The graphics are very good, but the voices sound like they were done in a wind tunnel.

Another problem is how far apart different locations are. It takes you almost two minutes to get from one area to the next. Still, the game play is terrific -- there is more fighting than you could ever need. Overall the game is challenging but tiring. If the lay of the land wasn't so sprawling, it might be able to keep your interest longer. B-

The last review for today is Zombie Revenge for the Sega Dreamcast. The rating says mature, probably for the grossness of the undead. Although it's great to slaughter these creatures, the game is over before you know it.

Other problems with the game are that the mini-game for the VMU is kind of hard to get going -- in the fighting mode you fight your other two teammates and that's it -- and there are hardly any special items to increase your health through the main game.

The graphics are very arcade-like and so is the gameplay; the Dreamcast makes it look so good. The simple fact is that there is not much that will keep you playing the game after a day or two. It's not a terrible game because of the simple fact that you get to do a lot of fighting. It is tedious though. C-

Coming to a store near you

For the N64, expect Ridge Racer 64 from Nintendo on Feb. 14, Disney's Tarzan from Activision on the Feb. 16 and ECW: Hardcore Revolution by Acclaim on the Feb. 17.

For the PlayStation, watch for Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2 by Take 2 Interactive on the Feb. 11, All-Star Tennis from Ubi Soft on the Feb. 15, Wild Wild West from SouthPeak Interactive on the 15, NHL Blades of Steel 2000 from Konami on the Feb. 16 and ECW: Hardcore Revolution from Acclaim on the Feb. 17.

Last, Rainbow Six from Majesco comes to the Dreamcast on the Feb. 17.

So that's it for this week. Just wait until March -- there's going to be a ton of stuff. Until then, peace to you and yours.

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