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Local bands fan out across Houston

By Christine McCreary
Daily Cougar Staff

Japanic put on an awesome show last Saturday at Instant Karma, where the band was joined by opening acts the Groceries and Matty & Mossy.

Starting off the evening with a somber folk-rock sound that at times was reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, Matty & Mossy's performance was exceptionally tame in comparison to Japanic's.

Matt (who's too cool for a last name), lead vocalist of local band the Groceries, croons the audience at Instant Karma Saturday night. 

Christine McCreary/Daily Cougar

Next up were the Groceries. This indie-rock band played with non-stop enthusiasm!

During the Matty & Mossy set, Groceries frontman Matt (singer/guitar) ran up on stage to join his friends with a few lines of heartfelt vocals.

The evening reached its climax when the retro/new-wave/rock band Japanic broke into its cult-favorite, "Orpheus Express" while lead singer Tex, joined by five or six girls from the audience, showed off his outrageous dance moves.

Soon after, Tex divided the audience in half and jokingly began pairing off dance partners to get married on Valentine's Day.

Jumping off the stage and into the crowd, Tex was quickly followed by band members Brandon (guitar) and Margeaux (vocals/ keyboard), all of whom began dancing with audience members.

Photos from this show can be viewed at the Entertainment Watch Web site: www.entertainmentwatch.com.

So what's in store for the local scene this week?

The Westbury Squares' self-titled debut CD, released on Fuzzgun Records, is now available in stores and has been available through the band at shows for about a month.

Featuring 13 tracks, including some experimental keyboard and electronic sound effects not witnessed at last week's on-campus performance, the CD is definitely worth checking out.

If you went to the UC Satellite in search of the guys last week, the show got moved at the last minute to the patio behind the University Center. From now on, bands will perform at the patio unless otherwise noted.

Photos from that show can also be found at the above-mentioned Web site.

The Westbury Squares will perform this Friday at Emo's. Their opening act will be Simpleton Music. Emo's is located at 2700 Albany. The cost is $1 if you're 21 or older and $7 for 18- to 20-year-olds.

Thursday, 20 Miles, which features Judah Bauer from The John Spencer Blues Explosion, is scheduled to play at Rudyard's along with Bob Log III (formally Doo Rag). This show is definitely worth checking out. Bob Log III often uses parts of cars or trash cans to achieve a really cool sound.

Jug O' Lightnin' will be opening for 20 Miles. Rudyard's is located at 2010 Waugh. All shows are 21 and over; cost is $7.

Also Thursday, "Robb Zipp's Rawkin' Showcase!" begins its weekly happenings Thursday at the Ashland Street Theatre, located at 2610 Ashland Street. This week the showcase will feature Liquid Youth, Octane and the Roaring 20s. The cost is $5; doors open at 7 p.m.

Friday at the Ashland Street Theatre, The Lonely Kings, Thanx But No Thanx, Lackey and O'Doyle Rules are scheduled to play. The cost of this show is $5; doors open at 7 p.m. Saturday, Los Skarnales will play with special guest to be announced. The cost is $5; doors open at 7 p.m.

This weekend at Fitzgerald's, Poor Dumb Bastards are scheduled to play on Friday along with Slim, The Jews and the Drop-Outs. The cost of the show is $6 for the 21 and over crowd and $8 for minors.

Saturday, Agent Orange is scheduled to play with Neural Nector and Unloco. Fitzgerald's is located at 2706 Whiteoak at Studemont. The cost of this show is $8.

Downstairs at Fitzgerald's on Saturday, Retarded Elf and Faceplant will be playing. The cost of this show is $6 for 21 and over and $8 for minors.

Remember all shows, dates and prices are subject to change, so be sure to check with the venue.

Once again, if you are involved in a local band and are wondering how you can get your band onto the pages of The Daily Cougar, or if you know of a great local band readers should check out, you can e-mail me at JUDIjtsn@aol.com.

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