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Bookstores vie for Web market

By Brandon Moeller
Daily Cougar Staff

Bookstores catering to the needs of UH students are hoping to improve their Web sites for the fall semester.

Both Rother's and the University Bookstore currently have a presence on the Internet, but only the University Bookstore ( allows students to buy and reserve text books online.

That may change soon, however. Rother's Bookstores (, which was bought out by Nebraska Book Co. in June, has announced a new online e-commerce system which is scheduled to be ready for the fall semester.

"The current e-commerce part of the (Rother's) site is so antiquated," Rother's UH store manager Joel Gequillana said. "This new WebPRISM system will allow us to sell books to students from anywhere, just like"

WebPRISM is the name of the software program Nebraska Book Co. offers its stores.

Gequillana said students who buy books from the online Rother's will be able to exchange the books at the store on Elgin if necessary.

Darren Croom, general manager of the University Bookstore, said the store will be trying to improve the clothing and apparel aspect of its Web site.

"To give Rother's credit, their Web site has a better selection of merchandise," Croom said. "We've been primarily concerned with the textbook side."

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