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South Park Rally, Crazy Taxi two must-have games

The Game Boy

Brandon H. Franks

GB here, ready to kick it for you with that game fix you junkies can't get enough of.

What's the download?

On Feb. 10, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Connetix did not violate the Sony copyright by publishing the Virtual Game Station, the PlayStation emulator for the Mac.

With the ruling, Connetix plans to start redistributing and selling the Mac version, with a release to hit Windows later this year.

In other news, Epic Games and Monolith, two PC developers, are now working with Sony on the PS2. This will give Sony two 3D engines made for the PC.

Race for those reviews

First up is The Sims from Maxis for the PC. Sims fans will love playing this one. You get to actually control the characters in the game.

There is so much to do that you might get cross-eyed trying to control everything, which makes playing pretty hard.

The graphics are good as far as sims go, but it's the little things like the food being cooked and people going to the bathroom that make the sims realistic. The sound can get annoying at times because the characters sound like they are mumbling in German.

Aside from the sims being difficult to control sometimes, the game is very addictive. B+

Next up is Marvel vs. Capcom from Capcom for the PlayStation. If you've played the arcade version, you know it's a good game -- but that's the arcade version.

The transfer from the arcade to the PlayStation could have gone a lot better. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are great and the special moves are fantastic. The problem is the game goes so fast, even on normal speed, that all you can do is press a whole bunch of buttons. This is not a challenge.

Another way the arcade version was better was that you could pick both of your characters for tag-team. On this version you can only choose one; the CPU picks the other one and you fight with the exact same characters.

Although it's nice to see all the characters from Capcom's old games, you'll be done with a battle mode quickly because it's just not that difficult to beat the opponents. C-

Also for the PlayStation is Acclaim's South Park Rally. If you like racing and love South Park, then this will fit you like a Mr. Hat. The game has all your favorite characters and gives you some great one-liners throughout the game.

You don't just race around in circles. You will have to race for different objects and hold on to them while others come from the front and behind to get the prize.

The graphics are almost too computery, but the originality of the game and hilarity make the game good. The game may seem easy at first, but as you progress the chances of you winning get very slim. A+

The last game for this week is Crazy Taxi from Sega for the Dreamcast. This game is simply da bomb! At first it doesn't seem like much: one town, four drivers to choose from, and you just pick up as many people as you can.

But once you learn the Crazy Dash and Drift, it's on. You'll fly down the streets hitting cars and scaring people to death. The Crazy Box will help teach you how to maneuver the cab around curves and other things.

If you want a rush then Crazy Taxi will fulfill your needs. The graphics are great and the challenge is hard core.

The only thing that will get annoying is the music. Although Offspring and Bad Religion are great bands, the game repeats two songs while you're driving. If they had more songs during the game, that would have been cool. At least you can always turn the music off. A-

That's all for now. Next week we'll take a look at a new SquareSoft game and The Dukes of Hazzard game, as well as a few others.

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