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Letters to the Editor

On the record

To the editor:

I, a member of the University Hearing Board, willingly and voluntarily excused myself from this particular case because of a conflict of interest due to my recent election to office with the Student Voice Party. Had The Daily Cougar, or anyone else, contacted me regarding this issue, I would have, without hesitation, shared that information. Despite what some may think, the Student Voice Party, and consequently the new Student Government Association, is comprised of students with integrity.

I would also like to go on record as saying that I will be more than happy when the red tape is cleared. It is pitiful and pathetic that student fees are being used to further the cause of whiny crybabies who are averse to change and diversity, and I would hope that, when the new SGA administration takes office, the Cougar will report the wonderful things that we have planned for our beloved University.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the students for making your voice heard and electing those candidates that you felt would best represent you. I would like to say congratulations to all students elected.

Melody Gerard,
Student Government Association,

A retort to Ahlf

To the editor:

Being that the editorial board is biased, I am pretty certain the following will not be printed. But I will take the opportunity to provide some information anyway, in case there are some individuals who are objective.

This letter is in reference to the spiteful column written by Michael Ahlf ("Bigotry unleashed as Taliban edicts obeyed in Afghanistan," Monday). The statement "Islam is not a religion of peace or security" is very anti-Islam and based on hatred rather than reasoning and fact.

If Ahlf read the Qu'ran, he would find verses promoting peace. Ahlf discussed the issue of human rights without any form of logical reasoning, thinking a human rights violation is occurring because men and women are not allowed to socialize.

I will not even proceed further with his ridiculous point. But I would like to point out some serious human rights violations Ahlf decided to overlook. Basic human rights are being denied by the state, government and people of Israel towards the Palestinians.

Israel is systematically and maliciously gunning down Palestinians, whether it be a young child, an elderly woman or an innocent bystander unexpectedly lynched by a vile mob. One might ask why this is occurring.

The only reason the Palestinian people are fighting is to regain land that has been stolen and snatched by Israel. Ahlf surprisingly overlooks the fact that Israeli police fight stones with anti-tank machinery.

He fails to mention the fact that the world community has condemned Israel for using force so excessive that more than 300 Palestinian deaths have occurred compared to only a little more than 60 Jews.

That alone paints a picture of who the aggressor and terrorist is. In addition to human rights, Ahlf mentions that Islam attacks the rights of other religions. A close inspection shows that every Christian leader in Israel has clearly shown support for the Palestinian government to rule over Jerusalem because of the Palestinians' respect for the Christian faith.

This could not be possible if Muslims practiced religious intolerance.

Syed Ishaq,
senior, MIS

Editor's note: The editorial board does not decide which letters are printed. It makes decisions based on the majority of opinion for staff editorials. The editor in chief chooses the letters and, depending on space, runs as many as possible.

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