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Sometimes we need to be shocked

Kristin Buchanan

It's been the topic of conversation all week. The pro-life display in front of M.D. Anderson Memorial Library has caused quite a commotion among the students these past few days.

Students on the way to grab lunch were bombarded with graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, miniature limbs and blood-drenched baby carcasses.

When I visited the site, I listened to a lot of students around the display who were opposed to the presentation, many of whom were shocked and disgusted.

Some students may have lost their appetites, but millions of innocent unborn children have lost much more than that. According to the World Health Organization's Web site, approximately 50 million fetuses are aborted each year.

The purpose of this display isn't to gross people out; it is to educate students on the truth about the beginning of life. Most people would rather believe that what is inside the womb is a lifeless blob of tissue than accept the fact that abortion is murder.

Life does not begin at birth; it begins at conception. The fertilized egg would not be able to develop into a baby if it were not alive. In the display, Justice For All (the organization that put it together) quoted Jerome Lejeune as saying, "Science has a very simple conception of man; as soon as he has been conceived, a man is a man."

If what is inside the womb is a life, then why should the mother have "control" over her body and the contents therein? The decision doesn't just involve her; it involves another life as well.

Some feel abortion is justified if the mother is unable to take care of the child. If the child lives, that child may be stuck in a foster home and never be adopted. He or she may grow up unwanted. My friends, that is no reason to execute a person.

Nor is it justified to abort a baby because the child might be handicapped. It is presumptuous to say a child should not live because we predict the child will have a difficult life. Everybody faces difficulty at some point in his or her life -- this is what develops us into who we are.

Some men support abortions because they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions. Others choose not to take any position since abortion "should be a woman's choice."

I've got news for them: a woman cannot get pregnant by herself. A man should have some say about a life he helped bring about; it's a 50/50 contribution.

These are just a few of the issues the exhibit addresses in its campus tour. At some schools, the forums have escalated into angry students rushing the fence that protects the group. This time, police took extra precautions to separate protestors to avoid any riots, keeping them at least 20 feet away from the exhibit.

The fact that students were angry means they actually care about the issue. Even though the pictures upset a lot of students, this exhibit was a good thing. UH students have been too apathetic for too long. It's refreshing to see Cougars rally about something other than campus food.

The student body has a pulse after all.

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