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The good, the bad and the ugly opinions

Philip Gaydosik
Guest Columnist

This is in response to a few letters and articles that appeared in The Daily Cougar during the weeks past and a few that seem to continually pop up each year.

1.) As a European American (read white) I'm sick and tired of all the nonsensical discussions about providing reparations to (insert)-Americans.

Was it tragic that slavery occurred? Yes. Did my family own slaves? No. Then why should I be forced to pay for something as ridiculous as reparations?

When will the emphasis (read money, opportunity, preference) that's been given to help every (insert)-American in this country over the past however many years be enough?

Instead of whining about how bad things were in a time period you never lived through, you should enjoy how much better you have it today -- that goes for all of us.

2.) The pro-lifers should be able to show their display, just like the pro-choice side should be able to promote their opinions, should they decide to do so.

Dudley Carroll's opinion started off on abortion and then went on to slavery or something. I got bored trying to find the point.

If you're against abortion, fine -- but don't write some article the next week complaining about your taxes going to support unwed mothers with five kids.

Better yet, how would you view your best friend or mother had you discovered they had an abortion?

America is a country built around choice -- enough said.

3.) I really gained a new respect for Wendy Miller after reading about the tragic episodes in her life.

She's a strong girl for having come out the other side of an experience (two terrible wrecks) that would have been too much for most of us. But I don't agree with her opinion of the 12-year-old boy sentenced to prison.

Was the sentence too harsh? Yes.

But she failed to mention that the worst injuries inflicted upon the girl were committed after she was already unconscious.

The solution to finding a problem (read excuse) for everyone in the country when it comes to crime is a simple question: Did they commit it?

If one is able to decide to commit a crime they can face the punishment for doing so, regardless of age, intelligence or whatever.

4.) Homosexuality -- I'm a straight, Catholic male who does not see anything wrong with gays.

People look way too deep into the sexual aspect of it. A loving relationship between two people, no matter what their genders, is a good thing. All you hypocritical Bible-thumpers should be ashamed of yourselves.

5.) Evolution -- "And God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven," Genesis 1: 19-21.

Sounds like we came from the water to me. But I still don't know why there are chimps around.

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