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Smith gives his feedback to student fee committee

Lower enrollment numbers mean less money to distribute

By Romina Kim
Daily Cougar Staff

UH President Arthur K. Smith submitted his recommendations to the report for the Student Fee Advisory Committee regarding the allocations of student fees for the 2001-02 school year.

SFAC Chairman Nick Earles said he received a letter from Smith, in which he reviewed the recommendations and provided his feedback on the work of the committee.

He added that the only change Smith suggested is in reference to the committee's recommendation for the Student Government Association.

Smith recommended that SGA's budget be reduced to half of what the committee proposed. In its initial report, SFAC had suggested that the funds for SGA be cut by $11,000 for the next fiscal year.

The committee voiced its concerns regarding the type of information provided by the student association.

In the letter, Smith stated that "the SGA problems have indeed contributed to a significant reduction in SGA representatives actively serving on committees, depriving students of representation on many important committees."

Smith added that while he acknowledged the concerns the committee may have regarding student association, he was urged by SGA President James Robertson Jr. to disapprove of the recommendation.

"The SGA president has requested that I disapprove the SFAC recommendation in light of the fact that hope for the future can be found in the increased voter turnout over the last two years," the letter reads.

However, Smith did agree with the committee to leave the SGA budget as a one-time allocation instead of a base allocation.

Smith also praised the work of the committee, noting that the lower enrollment numbers meant less money to distribute among the organizations. 

He also commended the recommendation to increase the fee to $122 from $112 per semester fee for students taking six or more credit hours.

"I applaud your sensible planning for both anticipated and unanticipated needs," he said in the letter.

The committee had submitted its recommendations last month to Smith, Dean of Students William Munson and Vice President for Student Affairs Elwyn Lee.

Earles said that the recommendations will now be sent to the UH System Board of Regents for final approval during its next meeting.

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