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Friday, April 20, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 137



Buckcherry fails to blow up on 'Time Bomb'

By Shiley Carter
Daily Cougar Staff

Buckcherry has been at it again. The band's six week U.S. tour ended in late February, about a month before its new album, Time Bomb, was released.

The band gained attention with its No. 1 rock hit, "Lit Up," and marketed itself by touring with Sugar Ray, Monster Magnet, Fuel, Lenny Kravitz and Kiss. It's no wonder Buckcherry was ecstatic to headline its second tour, which included a New Year's Eve performance with Aerosmith in Osaka, Japan.

Unfortunately, Time Bomb -- compiled from 35 tracks already written by the band -- isn't all that impressive musically. The lyrics follow the same themes of sex, drugs and rock as "Lit Up" did.

Some of the lyrics are suggestive; others are more explicit. But some tracks find Buckcherry delivering a more down-to-earth perspective with messages about life.

"Porno Star," for example, is written from a porn star's point of view, and it actually gives insight into the advantages and disadvantages of that lifestyle. The chorus echoes a feeling of detachment and desperation: "Never had a chance to love you, never want to see you cry."

It is also obvious that many of the lyrics have a personal message. "Whiskey in the Morning" is a portrayal of lead singer Josh Todd's long battle with alcoholism. He said he had that morning drink every day for a long time, and the song gives an honest account of that dependency -- with, of course, the wildness that has always defined the band.

As for the music, it's typical rock-band-with-an-attitude fare. The vocals are reminiscent of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who Buckcherry may have drawn a little too heavily on. The music is original, but its creativity is sapped by the inevitable comparisons with Aerosmith and David Bowie.

If you were a fan of Buckcherry's after the release of the band's first album, you may want to check Time Bomb out. It's a little more appealing in some respects, and at the very least it holds the line on the sounds the band has made its own.

Time Bomb

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