Friday, September 8, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 14 

Concentration camp liberators honored at Holocaust Museum

Despite low turnout, University of Texas continues its 'sickout' today

Storm is relived 100 years later




The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

To Hell and Back

Movie Review: Way of the Gun

Spielberg should not continue 'Al' project

Mitchell on annoyances

Robinson on cycling in Houston

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Coogs ready to enter Tigers' lair

C-USA Preview

About the Cougar

Fire up the barbie

Kusum Desai/The Daily Cougar

Civil technology senior William Woodfin prepares a Texas-styled brisket in the Technology breezeway for the Construction Related Industries' beginning of the semester party Thursday. The party, which offered free beer, served as a membership drive.


In News Today . . .

In recent years, public interest in the Holocaust has increased on many levels, from feature films like Schindler's List and Life Is Beautiful to the opening of museums dedicated to the subject around the world, including one in Houston.

In Opinion Today . . .

There's something to be said about getting paid to pick out things that annoy you. With that said, here's my two cents worth ...

In Entertainment Today . . .

Way of the Gun could cause a card-carrying member of the NRA to say, "Hollywood's gone too far with this one." Maybe they have, but Oscar-winning writer (Usual Suspects) and director James McQuarrie delivers one of the most well-written, witty, dark and daring action films since Die Hard. The first 90 seconds of this picture will make your head swivel as you look to ensure no kids are in the audience.

In Sports Today . . .

The Cougars and the Louisiana State University Tigers will be squaring off this Saturday in Baton Rouge, La.


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