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Monday, July 9, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 151



Hi-Tek shows own skil on new album

Think back to the early beginnings of rap, circa 1984, when there was an MC and a DJ at a party exciting the crowd just because they enjoyed the art
form, the delivery and the music. 

Festival will showcase Latin American movies

The city of Houston is home to one of the most vibrant Latin American communities in the country. So it's appropriate that, as film production in Latin
American countries increases and Latino filmmakers in the United States continue to gain exposure and recognition, Houston should embrace this

Estancia offers great Latin cuisine

Well, my fellow patrons of palatable provisions, it's summertime and your food critic is here to continue filling you in on the latest and greatest in the world of
cuisine. So all of you who aren't hiking through Europe or visiting family in other locales and are stuck in the doldrums of summer school, but hey, at least you'll be one step ahead of the fast-food junkies who roam our great city.

Latest Wayans' effort is more fluffy than funny

Writing a review for a film like Scary Movie 2 seems rather futile. Everyone who liked the first will no doubt see the second, even if they hear it's not
as good.

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