Monday, July 16, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 153

Jason Yuen/The Daily Cougar

I told you it wouldn't hurt a bit: Donor phlebotomist Nestor Gonzalez takes a blood donation from French and hotel and restaurant
management freshman Mikiko Nakamura on Wednesday. Throughout the UH community, 91 people registered to donate and 73 units were
collected, according to a St. Luke's Hospital spokesperson.

In its first meeting since Tropical Storm Allison submerged its University Center Underground offices, the Student Government Association on Wednesday did a cannonball into the hot, contentious waters that cover UH parking by fast-tracking its approval of five student appointees to the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee.

In America, we grow up with the "live and let live" motto. We are told this is the right way to live among neighbors and friends. But most of the
news we hear contains finger-pointing at other countries for their ways of life.

Summer is usually the time when studios release stupid action movies with big stars and huge budgets, which is why The Score is such a pleasant surprise. Yes, it has big stars, but it does not appear to have an overblown budget and it is definitely not stupid.

The starting five of the West, led by four-time Houston Comets head coach Van Chancellor, will feature two Comets (guard Janeth Arcain and forward Tina Thompson) and three Sacramento Monarchs (guard Ticha Penicheiro, forward Ruthie Bolton-Holifield and center Yolanda Griffith).


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