Wednsday, July 25, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 156

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'Where's David Hasselhoff when we need him?': Mechanical engineering junior Lucy Wozniak (left) and biochemistry junior Megan Guelker perform a weekly scrubbing of thefloor of the outdoor pool Tuesday. The pool will be open until Sept. 30.


"Hello, sir, my name is Arigo Avbovbo, and I'm a student at the University of Houston. How are you today," the soft-spoken senior electrical engineering technology student said into his telephone headset microphone.

If Corporate America did not manage to cross the line in trampling free speech and consumers' rights before, it has in the last two months. 

In a world where all the chart toppers seem to come from the same mold, where the almighty dollar outranks artistic integrity, it's nice to know that some artists still choose to go against the grain and present innovative music to the American public.
There have yet to be any earth-shattering trades -- and that's with a July 31 deadline looming on the horizon.


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