Thursday, September 28, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 28

Fo UH, it's Tier I, part two

Freshman Council dropped

Honors College looks to the future

Dorff's loss was a blow

Downtown road work means more detours



The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

To Hell and Back

Rock band Travis gives an unforgettable show

Get the best burrito ever at Chipotlé

Movie Review: Remember the Titans

Chug chug

Gore's platform off-center

Gore's kiss a calculated political move

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

UH looks to break Mustangs

UH Notes

SMU Notes

Lady Cougars look to fix recent woes against Cincy, Louisville

Raducan appeals court, Comaneci gives support

About the Cougar

It's a life sentence Life sentence Life sentence Life sentence

Max Lacayo/The Daily Cougar

Theater major Julie Simpson prepares for a dress rehearsal of Deathtrap. The play opens Friday and has scheduled performances Sept. 30 and Oct. 6-8.


In News Today . . .

The UH system will request tuition revenue bonds from the Texas Legislature to construct eight new buildings to meet space shortages on all campuses. The proposed bond projects, totaling $2.13 billion, will be presented in the next legislative session when it convenes in January.

In Opinion Today . . .

Most of us take patriotism for granted, myself included. For me, thanks to government classes, I have become less patriotic because of what I've learned. Yet something has changed my mind. That thing is called the Olympics.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Pop diva Madonna once again reinvents herself with a new image and a new sound that captivates fans more than ever with her new album, Music.

In Sports Today . . .

I know speaking ill of Texas after the Cougars were so soundly beaten sounds like sour grapes, but ...

A Correction . . .

Wednesday's Page 1 article "Career fair key to jobs for students," was incorrectly bylined. Daily Cougar Staff writer Romina Kim should have been given credit for the story.

The Daily Cougar regrets this error.


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