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Task force will focus on 'friendliness'

The group will review policies that ensure a student-friendly perception of the University

By Romina Kim
Daily Cougar Staff

Eighteen students, faculty and staff members have been appointed to a committee that will review student services on campus.

The Presidential Task Force on Student Friendliness was organized Sept. 14 by UH President Arthur K. Smith to examine how students perceive the University.

"We are going to look into a number of different aspects and interactions, like student recruiting, residential life and student advising," said Elaine Charlson, associate vice president for academic and faculty affairs and the task force's chairwoman.

The group will monitor areas such as admission, orientation, course registration, financial aid, food services, extracurricular activities, parking and transportation, and computer services.Then Smith will receive a list of recommendations on improving the environment for students, Charlson said.

The report, which is due in March, will contain feasible proposals for the 2001-02 academic year.

Student members of the task force are undergraduate student Melissa Gottlieb, graduate student Melissa Smith, Residence Halls Association President Rachel Johnson and Student Government Association President James Robertson Jr.

"Student friendliness is a great step," Robertson said. "I'm glad the president sees us as a proper channel to go through."

Other members of the group include Vice President for Student Affairs Elwyn Lee, Staff Council Chairman Don Waterman and Associate Dean of Students Kamran Riaz.

Charlson said the task force will welcome students' opinions.

"We want student input," Charlson said. "I will not be surprised if the (committee) meetings are open to the public."

The task force will hold its first meeting on Oct. 6.

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