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Numbering changes help building identification, increase efficiency

By Jim Parsons
Daily Cougar Staff

You may have noticed the new red-and-black signs being placed around campus to identify UH buildings -- but have you noticed that the building numbers changed?

The numbers for campus buildings on their identification signs, as well as the new campus maps, are now three digits beginning with "5" -- for example, the Ezekiel Cullen Building is 516 and Robertson Stadium is 530. Under the old numbering system, buildings were numbered 1 through 81.

The numbering change is part of a larger effort to make the campus more efficient, said Caren Burns, director of Campus Planning and Real Estate. Burns said uniform numbering will help people make sense of the buildings, which often have confusing or complicated names.

"It dawned on me that if we can number these building signs this way, if Federal Express has something to deliver, they would have a sign in front of the building that (gives the number)," Burns said.

The numbering system will also help police respond to calls and will make life easier for the campus mail service, which sorts incoming and intercampus mail for delivery by building.

The new building signs are part of a campuswide signage project that also includes large directional signs at major street intersections and 27 aluminum tabletop campus directories with color-coded campus maps, several of which have already been installed.

As for the "5" prefix on the building numbers, Burns explained that it's a UH System designation. Each campus in the System has a different number, and UH's is 5, she said. 

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