Thursday, October 19, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 43 

UH-NASA thins Texas budget

Talks do not hinder violence

UH pushes the right to vote

Nader to attend UH rally




The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

Perry the Great

Movie Review: Bedazzled

Movie Review: Bamboozled

'Il Viaggio a Reims' to be presented at Moores

Nader speaks freely to students

The wealth gap is not harmful

Clear politics won the debates for Gov. Bush

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Cougars hope to 'shake, rattle and roll'

Swimming and diving build on past success

About the Cougar

'We be jammin'

Kusum Desai/The Daily Cougar

The Canterbury Campus Ministry group meets Wednesday at the A. D. Bruce Religion Center on campus. The group gathers each week to sing together. 


In News Today . . .

In the next session of the Texas Legislature, UH will be requesting $2.1 million for the Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center for fiscal years 2002 and 2003. In addition to that amount, $835,424 in exceptional funding will be requested.

In Opinion Today . . .

Today UH students are presented a rare opportunity to witness one of this country's greatest peace, justice and consumer advocates rally against a political system that is not perceptive of the needs of the people.

In Entertainment Today . . .

At first, when I heard the phrase "starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley," I thought these were six of the scariest words that a preview could impose upon the moviegoing public. But the new romantic comedy in question, Bedazzled, proves that I was mistaken.

In Sports Today . . .

There's no better place in the world for the Cougars to find their rhythm than Memphis, Tenn.


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