Friday, October 20, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 44 

Nader blasts Texas' capital punishment

Big Swtich goes off without a hitch

The second year of 'exile'



The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

Perry the Great

Movie Review: Pay It Forward

Wings Over Houston tops list of upcoming events

Highly anticipated hip-hop shows flood Houston for the next two weeks

Album Review: Burning Spear

In this election, every vote counts

Take the chance to build a third party

Bush's politics far from clear

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Cougars must defend home field to secure spot in C-USA tourney

Dimel changes lineup in preparation for Memphis

C-USA Preview

World Series could have broad appeal

UH looks to regain Conference USA lead

About the Cougar

Part-time pool shark

Rich R. Risma/The Daily Cougar

Athletics Director Chet Gladchuk plays a game of pool Thursday morning at the University Center Games Room. Gladchuk was passing time because the student with whom he switched schedules in the Big Switch only had afternoon classes.


In News Today . . .

Ralph Nader criticized the death penalty in Texas, arguing the flaws in the system raise the chances for innocent people to be wrongfully executed.

In Opinion Today . . .

Like many of you, I watched the debates, hoping to find something -- anything -- to influence my decision about who to cast my vote for. I didn't.

In Entertainment Today . . .

In a time when American films attempt to produce genuine stories with well-rounded characters, audiences sometimes feel robbed.

In Sports Today . . .

The cliché is overused, but the UH women's soccer team has its back to the wall.


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