Wednesday, October 25, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 47 

UH Partnership program requests funding

Survey audits issues

Ideas to change HISD

Care This Big cites education as instrumental in ending poverty



The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

Perry the Great

Album Review: Nelly Furtado

Album Review: Lyle Lovett

The Scoop

Album Review: Factory 81

Get in the spirit

Sometimes the left is right, too

Popular ideas are anti-peace

Nader makes sense

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Dimel stresses need for more productivity

NFL Weekly Preview

There billions to be made from naming rights

Rogers earns C-USA recognition

Inside the Lines

About the Cougar

Soggy spirit

Nora Segura/The Daily Cougar

Hotel and restaurant management graduate student Jaeyeon Choi looks at partially melted spirit paintings on windows at the University Center on Tuesday. The paintings were done by student organizations Sunday, but condensation caused the paints to run.


In News Today . . .

Math and discipline may become problems of the past at public schools if two UH programs continue to work as intended..

In Opinion Today . . .

We Americans like to pretend that we live in a much better society than we do. We pretend that we are egalitarian, and that every group has equal rights.

In Entertainment Today . . .

During a time in which women are unstoppable in music, musicians like Nelly Furtado slip in with great vocals and intentions, but unfortunately fail to make much of a difference upon the demands of pop culture.

In Sports Today . . .

Fresh off a thrilling 33-30 comeback triple-overtime victory in Memphis, Cougar head football coach Dana Dimel believes his team still needs to focus on playing an error-free game before it can achieve its best output of the season.


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