Friday, October 27, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 49 

State charity campaign gets under way at UH

Ramos: Candidates ignore Hispanics

UH student wins essay competition

UH's InFOCUS aims to help world's needy



The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

Perry the Great

Movie Review: The Little Vampire

Theatre Review: Les Miserables

'Thriller' event should be one of the top raves of the year

Reality check is  void on Halloween

Rockets are whiney and spoiled

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

UH teams face final challenge

Coogs concetrate on moving up in C-USA

C-USA Preview

About the Cougar

'No, take mine ...'

Christy Varghese/The Daily Cougar

Student Program Board members Donald Jackson, a freshman hotel and restaurant management major and communication junior Chris Butcher escort psychology sophomore Brandon Williams, wearing a sandwich board, promoting the "Charlie's Angels" movie Thursday. They hand a promotional flyer to freshman physical therapy major Catherine Schutz, seated.


In News Today . . .

UH employees have started to donate money during the first week of a state charity drive -- and some may even get prizes for the act.

In Opinion Today . . .

Fantasy. When you hear that word, you probably think of Mickey Mouse, Superman, winning the lottery or Playboy's Playmate of the Month lounging on your living room sofa. Fantasy, as we all know, is not real -- no matter how much we'd like it to be.

In Entertainment Today . . .

It's not often that you see a film without a lot of promotion behind it do well at the box office.

In Sports Today . . .

After running hundreds of miles down the streets around the UH campus and enduring the suffocating heat and frequent ozone alerts of metropolitan Houston, the young and the restless are heading north.


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