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Houston, Texas
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'Thriller' event should be one of the top raves of 2000

By M. Kahlil Taylor
Daily Cougar Staff

The Texas rave scene has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years. With the rising popularity of hip-hop, drum and bass, house and techno, massive raves have been flooding the Gulf Coast each month.

Because Halloween falls on a weekday this year, party promoters seem to be throwing their events on the weekends before and after Oct. 31. Students looking for a party have many choices, but Saturday's "Thriller: Judgment Night" will encompass all of the Halloween party vibes inside Funplex, Houston's largest indoor theme park.

What should make "Thriller" better than the rest will be the months of preparation and years of experience between the promoters, Hardrive Future, Boom Tap Sound and Flashdance Productions.

Funplex will be separated into seven different areas, each of which will have a different type of music. Not only will there be more than 50 DJs and 20 LCD projectors to view them on, but Orbitrons, bumper cars, miniature golf, video game lounges and the bowling alley will all be open for the cost of a ticket.

Various areas will stage acts such as Moscow and New York City's Spacegirl, Chicago's Boo Williams and Gene Farris, Aqua Sky, BMC, DJ Bizz and Josiah Burk.

The huge hip-hop section, "Texas Turntable Massacre," will fill ears with a six-turntable battle/performance by Danny the Wildchild, Faust and Shortee from Bomb Records.

Houston's own Cee Plus, Chocoholic and the Krackernutz will also be opening for the headliners. 

On the brink of Wu Tang Clan's third release, Method Man and other clan members' rhymes will blast throughout the night. Method Man kills microphones and speakers with his overwhelming stage presence and the individual rhyme style illuminated on Tical and Tical: 2000.

In addition, the V.I.P. room with DJ Sun will be open for V.I.P. ticket guests to meet various artist and grab a bite to eat.

There will be plenty of security, and unlike child-filled raves, only 17 and up will be allowed entry for the 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. rave. Funplex is located at 13700 Beechnut between Highway 6 and Beltway 8. For more information, call (713) 914-5369 or visit Hardrivefuture.com or boomtapsound.com.

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