Tuesday, October 31, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 51 

Health study center seeks state funding

HPD: Have a safe holiday without ruining a good time

Cancer grant to aid Asians

Group explores education options



The Adventures of Ruth the Pig

The Kids in the Street

Perry the Great

Movie Review: Lucky Numbers

Album Review; Paul Simon

Learn how to kill roaches and more from Web site

Album Review: Scarface

Album Review: Fastball

Haunted Houston

Nader, Lacour spook the donkey

Carve yourself a scary turnip

'Turn off the durn cell phone!'

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Top 25

Rogers wins Defensive POW award

Thompson switch to new position, life at UH

About the Cougar

Run while you can!

Ann Richter/The Daily Cougar

Rother's cashier Jessica Romero, a junior biology major, was in the Halloween spirit Monday when she went to work in costume. Junior psychology major Jamie Jones accepts her purchase from Romero, dressed as a character from the movie <I>Scream<P>.


In News Today . . .

UH's Health Law and Policy Institute is interpreting health issues similar to those found in the latest science fiction movies.

In Opinion Today . . .

In this Halloween season, nothing seems to strike more fear in the hearts of the Democrats then the bogeyman specter of Ralph Nader and his Green Party. Vice presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman has come straight out and asked Nader to quit this election, for fear he would steal votes from Al Gore. Various pundits and Democratic bigwigs have called for Nader to cease and desist, since a vote for Nader is simply a vote for George W. Bush and would hurt "liberalism," and "liberal" candidate Gore.

In Entertainment Today . . .

When John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow are paired together for a motion picture, it is fair to assume that the film's fate is not carried by the story line.

In Sports Today . . .

The second Bowl Championship Series ranking came out Monday with at least two surprises.


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