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Punk rock band Dum Dums is true to its name

Dum Dums

It Goes Without Saying 
MCA Records

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By Kristin Buchanan
Daily Cougar Staff

Many bands labeled as one-hit wonders usually become the subject of ridicule once their short-lived careers die. These bands' only claim to fame is in their one song that tops the charts for a brief period of time.

The Dum Dums should consider themselves lucky if they can even reach that status.

The appropriately named trio is Josh Doyle on vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, Steve Clark on bass, acoustic guitars and vocals and Stuart "Baxter" Wilkinson on drums, percussion and vocals.

Their best song, "The Kind of Day I've Had," is about being helplessly stuck in a dead-end job. The music resembles a weaker version of Blink 182 or Lit.

The rest of the songs on It Goes Without Saying are mediocre at best, with the intensity of watered-down coffee. The levels of passion and energy in the music could easily be compared to a bowl full of limp ramen noodles: they just lay there.

Songs like "Killing Me With Kindness" are the perfect example of the band's poorly put-together and unimaginative songwriting.

Judging by its appearance, the band wants to pass itself off as "punk." The hallmarks of punk music are extreme attitude and high-energy guitar riffs. The Dum Dums have neither.

"Everything" and "Hole in Your Heart" reflect the values of the hard-core Straight Edge movement, but the melodies more closely resemble elevator music. Even more disheartening is the band's attempt at romantic ballads. "You Knock Me Off My Feet" and "Army of Two" lack the true depth it takes to grab the listener emotionally. Instead, these songs come across as whiny and annoying.

While some of the songs on It Goes Without Saying may be tolerable, it's highly possible that one could be dumber after having heard it.

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