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Enuff Znuff releases near-perfect '10'

Enuff Znuff


Spitfire Records

***1/2 (of five)

By Jeffrey LaCour
Daily Cougar Staff

Enuff Znuff has been rocking the music scene since 1989 with some of the best pop rock songs this side of the Beatles. The band's latest effort, 10, its 10th album, will not be a disappointment for fans of the band's Beatle-esque feel mixed with a '70s pop sound.

Donnie Vie (vocals), Chip Znuff (bass), Ricky Parent (percussion) and Monico (lead guitar), have put out their best album since their debut over a decade ago.

This is a great album with an abundance of catchy pop tunes and hooking guitar riffs that will have fans singing along to every track.

The first track, "There Goes My Heart," is a catchy love ballad that shows the singer's true emotion when he loses the love of his life. It is a touching and emotional song that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

"Wake Up," easily the best song on the album, could be one that establishes Enuff Znuff as a bona fide rock band. It has all the elements that could make it a classic. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, "If you've got love, hang on to it," but the arrangement varies a little, making this one of the album's most memorable tunes.

The laid-back "The Beast" is actually a short autobiographical story about how Donnie Vie lives his life. It has a timeless sound that conveys the message about how he feels people should live their lives.

The band's optimism shines through on at least two tracks. "Holiday" talks about hope for a wasted life and "Bang On" is a very upbeat song about having a great time at a party and hanging out with a group of friends.

Aside from the great sounding songs, the band has some surprises as well, including a cover of David Bowie's eclectic song "The Jean Glove." It also features Billy Corgan, lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins, who plays guitar on a cover of Cheap Trick's "Everything Works if You Let It."

10 is a great album that fans of British pop music will love. All of the songs are good. The only drawback is that kids may not like the older sound and laid-back attitude.

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