Monday, August 28, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 66, Issue 6 

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Comets dominate WNBA

Four seasons of professional women's basketball. Four championships won by the Houston Comets. The Comets' track record in the WNBA would be conclusive proof that history tends to repeat itself.

As a city, it's fun having a winning team -- especially a winning team that can pull off a finals sweep against a team that, if it weren't for the Comets, might be able to claim dominance in the league. This year wasn't The New York Liberty's first appearance in the WNBA finals. Last year, the Liberty almost took the championship and had Houstonians on the edge of their seats when it pushed the Comets to Game 3.

This year, they were stopped dead in their tracks in the league's first-ever finals game that went into overtime.

The city should pat itself on the back for being there for its champions -- that means the 16,285 fans who packed Compaq Center on Saturday. It should also take note that no major disturbances were seen after Saturday's final victory over the New York Liberty, meaning Houston can have fun without destroying its own city and making a fool out of itself in the process.

Cynthia Cooper was on fire during Saturday's game -- and who's to blame her? It's her last time to shine on the court in a professional manner. Unless, of course, she decides to coach ... which 13.3 percent of respondents in a WNBA.com poll thought she should do after her retirement. But more than half of the respondents wanted to see her on the court working toward a fifth championship.

But, alas, it's not to be. Cooper will retire, and the Comets must find a way to move on and forward without her. If it weren't for Cooper's three-pointer from NBA range that sent the game into overtime, this editorial might have had a less hooray-hoorah feel to it.

Thank goodness Sheryl Swoopes won't be leaving town any time soon. Despite injuring her left ankle late in the first half of Saturday's game, Swoopes popped back in the game during overtime and was essential in making sure the Comets weren't No. 2 to the Yankees. Swoopes scored seven of the Comets' 15 overtime points. Despite being out some of the game, Swoopes scored a finals-record 31 points.

Swoopes will be leaving the city Thursday to practice with the Women's Olympic basketball team in Hawaii. But first must come the city's victory rally and parade for the Comets, which is scheduled for Tuesday at noon downtown. The parade will begin at Smith and Prairie and end at Smith and Polk. After the parade, the victory rally will be held at Hermann Square in front of City Hall.


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