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IT trains students, faculty about new 
Windows 2000

Workshops acquaint faculty, staff and students with Microsoft Windows 2000 installation on campus

By Moses M. Raphael
News Reporter

UH is in the process of installing Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system in many computers on campus, and Information Technology officials are trying to avoid a clash with existing network software that will not be replaced.

IT department personnel are presently educating students, staff and faculty in a two-session workshop on how best to use the new software.

"We have to put a lot of planning into how we put Windows 2000 servers on the network so that it doesn't mess up the Windows environment for other people that are not using Windows 2000," said Mary Dickerson, project leader for the Windows 2000 project team.

At a workshop held Nov. 10, a Microsoft representative gave two presentations on the differences between the Microsoft software and the other operating systems used, including NT4 and Windows 9x.

He will do the same at another workshop from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. today in Room 160, Melcher Hall.

"Microsoft did a fundamental change with Windows 2000. They totally redid their architecture," Dickerson said. "They integrated a lot of the network services that previously were not integrated in other Windows products."

She explained that Windows 2000 has fundamental differences that could affect people.

"How we and the people in the colleges deploy it will affect each other in ways it hasn't before in other Windows products," she said.

The Windows 2000 workshop will be available along with several other online courses and computer-based training available for free from the IT department for students, staff and faculty.

There are also currently 100 different course titles on computing subjects available through the Internet and CD-ROM at the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.

"You can access the courses and complete them at whatever pace you wish -- in your office, home, dorm or anywhere else," said Bill Ashley, manager of photography and IT training at UH. "We've got courses that will allow people to use their own Web site, to learn how to do extensive spreadsheets and databases. We also have the basic courses in Microsoft Word and other word processing programs."

Many people are requesting the training, and there are many reasons they need to be trained, he said.

"Professors are going more and more to classroom instructions via the computer. Also, when you get out of college, your employers will require that you know basic computing techniques," Ashley said. "You've got to know your way around the computer -- it makes you more marketable."

Ashley said more students and staff than faculty have taken advantage of the Windows 2000 training courses.

"At this point, we are only running about 10 percent faculty in our courses," he said. "Faculty prefer to have their training done in their offices."

For more information on workshops and courses available through IT's computer-based training program, call (713) 743-1379.

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