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Spin and rhyme at hip-hop festival

By M. Kahlil Taylor
Daily Cougar Staff

Houston began to blow up the spot nationally around the time Geto Boyz dropped their first album. Since then, most of the American hip-hop community has viewed Houston as the home of "thugged out gangster rappers" and "screwed up cliques." 

The Hip-hop Elements Festival will showcase local acts this Saturday at the Engine Room, that break the mold with diversity and experimentation.

The festival will cover hip-hop's four primary elements: rhyming, graffiti, turntables and break dancing. Local rap groups such as The K-Otix, Dru Sparks Project, Fliponya, ZIN and Food for Thought will perform the music that has given Houston a new image amongst hip-hop's international fans. 

Houston DJs Ceeplus, Comp1, Akshun Kid, DJ Steel from Affiliated Intelligence and special guest DJs will be spinning the wheels of steel for fans reciting old schools rhymes, break dancers and graffiti in progress.

Some members from Mathmatic Djs will be performing during this hip-hop Elements Festival as well. With a whole pool of great musicians, this festival is definitely going to be a happening for a Saturday night.

The Trio known as K-Otix has been collaborating since 1992, creating such classic tracks as "Do You Wanna Be An MC?" featuring DJ Cash Money and making one of Houston's best musician Web sites,

K-Otix's perseverance over the years has led them to opening for acts such as Outkast, Hieroglyphics and The Roots. They drop personal documentary-style rhymes such as "See these eyes that can't stand at attention/ Living through a day of apprehension/ Wishing to improve on my condition."

Houston's MC Zin and Trickle Down Entertainment has been performing poetry, promoting events, and rapping around the world heavily in the past few years. 

Although Zin's "The Rebirth of Real" Thursday poetry nights at Da Den night club and Web site have been extremely successful, he is most well known around Houston for his recent album release of Y2K Compliant Soul Vol. 1. 

Zin's "Hustlers, God Trusters, and the Famous" will rock the Engine Room crowd. Although many of the DJs performing are seen spinning around Houston often, this time the fans will be able to watch an open dance circle hosted by G.I. Joe. 

Local breaker dances and crews such as United B-Boys, Koro, OSC, Alien Squad, Swing Team and Austin's Romeo Navarro may be getting busy to the beats in the circle as well.

What should make this event even more spectacular is the space in which it will be hosted. The Engine Room has sitting booths, plenty of floor space, pool tables and a long bar. When Hieroglyphics and The Executioners performed there, the atmosphere was electric and energetic. 

With only a $5 entrance price, this hip-hop fest is well worth the money. The Engine room is located at 1515 Pease at Crawford. Doors open at 9 p.m. For more information, call (713) 654-7846.

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